🪙Alpha Tools

We run great number of alpha tools for comprehensive crypto and NFT market analysis in about 100 private channels in our Discord for our MBC token and NFT collections holders.

Our alpha tools give you a competitive advantage and a lot of opportunities to get profit by offering sophisticated analytics, real-time data feeds and predictive insights.

We have ⁠Moneypenny, ⁠Lunacylabs and ⁠Sol Decoder tools. We provide ⁠HODL crypto signals and ⁠Lawbreakers NFT signals. We run news feeds with crypto and NFT news. We provide NFT schedule for all daily mints and WL spots for NFT projects. We have AI tools and Web job board. We provide our market ⁠analytics and offer about 50 how to earn guides and courses.

🚩 To get access to our alpha tools you need to have 10 ⁠MBC tokens or 1 NFT from our ⁠NFT collections.

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