Course on earning on cryptocurrencies and tokens

Course on earning on cryptocurrencies and tokens based on personal experience and output results.
Theory and practice of how to normally start earning from crypto. Blockchains, tokens, wallets, portfolios, swaps, liquidity, market, technical analysis, trends, farming, staking. You will receive concentrated and concise information which will take you months to study on your own.
Terms vocabulary
Tools and wallets
Add balances to wallet
Adding a Polygon network and watching the first launchpad
Let’s make some first purchases
What if we need to transfer from one network to another?
Working on the other blockchains
Cold wallets
Market and expectations
Capitalization analysis
Technical analysis
How to make research coins and projects?
Staking Farming
Participation in presales and IDOs
Portfolio diversification How to fix profits? What risks should be considered when investing in crypto? What cryptocurrencies can I buy now?
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