How to make money on trading in crypto? Complete traiding guide

We prepared complete crypto trading guide. Trading in the market is not about easy money. It's about years of study, losing the bank and gaining of experience.
After reading our educational course you won't go out to make mountains of money. But you will get comprehensive information about all aspects of trading.
Work with the terminal of the Binance exchange
Trading Futures
Basic concepts in trading
Animals in the market
Types of Orders
Key terms
Trading styles
The first type of trading “Scalping
The second type of trading “Daily (medium term)
The third type of trading “Swing Trading”
The fourth type of trade “Long term”
Types of Market Analysis
Technical Analysis Candlesticks
Analysis Wave Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
Fractal analysis
Trading Algorithm
Types of price charts Japanese candlesticks
Linear Chart
Trend types, trend lines
Flat in trading
Trend phases
How to build a channel correctly?
Support and resistance levels
What is Dow’s theory?
What is the Wyckoff Method?
Simple candlestick patterns
Complex candlestick patterns
The complexities of simple analysis
Trend reversal patterns
How do I use Fibonacci retracement levels?
Wolfe Waves Trend indicators
Indicators ADX and LRI
Reading the Depth of Market
How to keep a positive attitude?
Money Management
Useful sites
Smart Money
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