How to make NFT collection and sell it on Opensea?

Our educational course about NFT market and creating your own NFT collections.
You'll learn in details NFT market and how it works. You'll will know all the stages of preparation, creation, launch and promotion your NFT-collections. You will learn how to create a community around the project and set up social networks (Twitter and Discord). How to participate in the life of the community and develop it. How to create a project team and delegate individual tasks. We will know how to run marketing campaigns and we'll show you the most popular and best-selling NFT projects on the market as examples.
The main stages of a Drop
Quick profit income
Game projects
Market volume
How to transfer a real art collection into NFT and make profit on it?
Examples of successful collections
How do you make an ordinary offline exhibition a success?
What if you don’t have your own brand, but have offline artwork?
Characteristics of a successful NFT project
How to build community?
How to make project team?
How to launch marketing campaign?
Content is the king!
Why do I need a smart contract to release an NFT collection?
How to manage Discord for NFT collection?
A guide to launching successful NFT collections
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