How to make profit on Ethereum NFT mints?

This huge educational course is a compilation of my knowledge for more than a year of NFT mints.
In this fundamental guide you will find all the information you may be interested in, it's ways to flip that no one writes about, it's a guide on gas, which many people have problems with, it's a contract mint, and many, many more things that will help you earn money on the NFT.
What is NFT?
Types of NFTs
NFT as art
NFT with utility
Game projects and metaverses
NFT musicians, athletes, etc.
How make money at NFT?
What is Mint, its types, ways, stages, problems
Ways to mint
Mint Stages
The problem with mint
What is GAS and how much is needed?
What is Priority fee?
What is the Max Gas Fee?
How much gas?
How preset the gas?
How make contract mint?
Useful tools
WhiteList and what to do with it?
Safety in buying
How do I make money with Mint?
Earnings on the flip
Flip Rare NFT
Where to look for flip collections?
How to catch rare NFTs?
At what price to take and sell?
Earnings on pump
Buying on orders
Flips on the news
Flips on correction
General Flip Rules
Final advices
Set sales limits
Working from my bank
Useful links and tools
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